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A Korean obsession

By Paul Lawley-Jones

Koreans who take up wood carving often seem to develop an obsession with certain parts of the body, particularly the penis. Indeed, the penis appears in many places from ancient petroglyphs, Shilla pottery, Shamanic shrines and modern bottle tops and cups. There is also a lesser obsession with the breast. The carved faces on the trunks of trees are seen everywhere around Korea as the male and female protective spirits at the entrance to a village. I still wonder, though, what the significance of the mildly stupid looking expressions is.

A wood carver in whose house we stayed on Seokmo-do one summer informed us that the curved shape of the end of the penis was quite challenging to carve, and consequently demonstrated a certain level of skill. I guess the same goes for the shape of the breast as well.

These carvings inhabit the car park of the Doridon (도리돈) restaurant on the way to Bulguksa.

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Top 10 ancient Tombs of Gyeongju: Part 2

Continued from Part 1….

Bonghwangdae Tomb, Gyeongju

Bonghwangdae Tomb, Gyeongju

5. Neoseo-ri Tombs (너서리왕릉): Once surrounded by houses, the half dozen or so tombs of Noseo-ri have been cleared of buildings and made into oasis-like park in the midst of downtown Gyeongju. Just across the street from Bonghangdae tomb, this park is a great spot for tomb watching, an afternoon picnic or to just relax in the cool of a Summer’s evening. And, just like Bonghangdae, the Noseo-ri tombs are lit up a night. A stroll through here after dark when the leaves are changing in the Fall is positively spooky. read more »

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