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Since the blog’s accumulated a fair number of restaurant reviews by now, I thought I’d throw up a permanent page here putting them all in one place.  So here’s a list of links to each individual review, which I promise to update each time I post a new one.  Also I’ve thrown together a Google map with all the restaurants I’ve reviewed (see above).  If you click on each pin on the map, then click on the “Click here for more information” link below the name of the restaurant, it’ll open the review I posted for that restaurant.  Pretty nifty, huh?

1. Sangalae Dakgalbi (선갈래) Restaurant

2. Hwangjanggun (황잔군) Galbitang

3. Chocolat Coffee Shop (쇼코라)

4. Cheonghakdong (청학동) BBQ Duck Restaurant

5. Ha Yeon Ji (하연지) Lotus Restaurant

6. Dweji Sanyang (돼지사냥) Samgyeopsal

7. Boo Yong (부용) Chinese Restaurant

8. Downtown Coffee Shops

9. Baru (바루) Vegetarian Restaurant

10. Pranzo (프란조) Italian Restaurant

11. Kalguksu Restaurants at Mt. Namsan

12. 100 Years Tea House (백년찻집)

13. Sam-po Ssam-bap (삼포 쌈밥)

14. Ah Sa Ga Tea House (아사가찻집)

15. Dosol Maeul (도솔 마을)

16. Chowon Samgyetang (초원삼계탕) Restaurant

17. Hwangnam Maetdol Sundubu Restaurant (황남  맷돌 순두부)

18. Dayoo (다유) Vegetarian Restaurant

19. Ssukbu Jaengi (쑥부쟁이) Vegetarian Restaurant

20. Hyudai Hotel Christmas Lunch Buffet

21. 11 Chesterfield Way

22. Handmade Kalguksu (손칼국수) at Kim Yu-shin’s Shrine

23.  Pyeongyang Naengmyeon (평양냉면) Restaurant Downtown

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