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Blog News: K-blog Love and Links

I’ve been so busy with family visiting for the last few weeks (along with spending 4 days in the hospital over Chuseok) that I forgot to mention that some pretty exciting things were happening in the blog-o-sphere last month.  It seems the Sam-shin deigned to smile upon Gyeongjublog and blessed it with a fair bit of K-blog love back in September. read more »

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Links: San-shin.org

Korean Mountain God with 8 Daoist Immortals (from san-shin.org)

Korean Mountain God with 8 Daoist Immortals (from san-shin.org)

Like a lot of posts on this blog, I’d meant to get something up on San-shin.org ages ago.  If you’re at all interested in traditional Korean culture, this site’s an awesome resource.  It’s a treasure trove of info on everything from Korean Shamanism and Buddhist culture to folk art, feng shui, hiking and green tea. read more »

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More Links

It’s been a little while since I’ve updated the links, so here’s a run down of a few websites and blogs I’ve dug up in the last month or so.

If you’re new to Korea or want to learn more about Korean food, my friend Pete hooked me up with a link to TriFood.com. It’s focus is on promoting Korean food in the tri-state area of New Jersey, New York and Connecticut, but it’s got a very thorough glossary of Korean Cuisine.  Not to mention, there’s a bunch of recipes worth trying out if you’re handy in the kitchen.

Speaking of Korean food, One fork, One spoon is a pretty awesome food blog by Grace Meng.  Grace covers Korean cuisine along with a fair mix of Mexican, Spanish and Argentinean.  She’s got dozens of posts including Korean recipes and restaurant reviews.  Keep an eye out for her Korean cookbook coming out soon. read more »

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Links: The Hwarang (화랑) Warriors of the Shilla Dynasty


Hwarang Warrior (from wikipedia.org)

Hwarang Warrior (from wikipedia.org)


I was going to include this with my new links  post a few days back, but it was so cool I figured it need a posting of it’s own.   Last week I stumbled onto the official website of the Hwarang Do martial arts organization .  If you’ve read anything about the history of the Shilla Dynasty,  you probably ran across at least something about the Hwarang (화랑).

“Hwarang” literally means, “flower youth,” but these guys were the farthest thing from pansies.  The Hwarang were an elite body of aristocratic Shilla youth who trained in the arts military strategy and hand-to-hand combat.  They were also at the top of  Shilla  scholastics and  were well versed in Buddhism, Confucianism, Taoism, literature, poetry and even music and dance.  Many great figures from the mid to late Shilla period were Hwarang, like General Kim Yu-shin (김유신), who unified the 3 kingdoms, and the Buddhist saints Wonhyo  (원효) and Uisang (의상).

read more »


New Links

Being a new blog and all, I’ve been trying to flesh out the “Links” section of the site as it’s been looking a little sparse.  Here’s a short run down of some of the recent websites I’ve  post in my links.

My friend Paul at Dongguk Uni. has a pretty sweet photo blog called Adventure Dog Photography.  He ‘s got mad talent and posts new photos pretty regularly, usually from around Gyeongju.

I’ve got a weird thing for ancient megalithic monuments, called dolmen, erected by prehistoric peoples and Korea’s got a lot of them.  Here’s a funny little interactive website put up by Hwasun Dolmen Park in Jeollanam-do.  There are apparently some dolmen around Gyeongju that I’d like to check out some time. read more »

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